We hope you will discover through your visit, that we are people who care deeply about Christ, and want to serve Him in all that we do.

Our enemy the devil works very hard to disrupt the unity that exists within the church. If we as believers can stay current in our Bible reading and our prayers and rely on God for strength; we will be able to resist him. when unity exists within a church body, there is nothing sweeter. we are blessed by God to have this unity, and we pray that it continues to be preserved.
Unity is also represented in the diversity in our church, and since we represent the community, you will see people from many walks of lives. We believe that a church should represent all peoples from the community it serves. As such, you will see people from all races, cultures, and backgrounds here at Grace.

If you are seeking to grow and learn as a Christian, there are plenty of opportunities in small and large settings, like our worship services, Sunday school classes, ministry opportunities, and social gatherings.

We hope you will take the time to tour our web site and see that Grace Baptist is a church whose membership cares about and reflects this community.

-Pastor Emeritus Conway Campbell, Sr.