Grace Baptist Church is a congregation of people coming together to grow in Christ. We offer many opportunities for worship, as well as Small Group home Bible Studies, service opportunities, and children's programs.


Church Vision

The vision of the members of Grace Baptist Church is to glorify God by reaching out to individuals and families in New England for Christ and teach them to serve Him.


Church Mission

Our mission is to help people say "yes" to God and become faithful followers of Jesus Christ by: Helping each believer realize that he/she has been given spiritual gifts to serve the Lord and His people; Using worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and evangelism to move people from their present spiritual condition to mature believers of Christ.


Would GBC be considered liberal or conservative in its theology?

Conservative. However, GBC seeks not to be legalistic and to approach issues with the biblical balance of both uncompromised standards and God's grace.


Which door should I use to enter the building?

We have several entrances, however in the winter months we do not use the stairs coming up to the front doors. If accessibility is an issue, there is a small parking lot off the side of our building with a ramp that leads to a foyer adjacent to the sanctuary. Otherwise, you are welcome to use either of the doors on the lower level and make your way upstairs to the sanctuary. Most people will use the doors adjacent to the "Welcome" sign.


What should I expect on a Sunday morning?

As you walk through the doors of GBC, someone will greet you with a smile and offer you a copy of our weekly bulletin which includes the order of the service, announcements of upcoming programs and a calendar of events. Make your way into the sanctuary and sit anywhere you like. You may have a person or two welcome you or introduce themselves. But we will not have visitors stand or be recognized in any way. Relax and enjoy the service.


Is your music style traditional or contemporary?

They style of music is one of those issues that is very important to people. It is also very important to God because it is a part of how we approach Him in worship. Music therefore should be worshipful and fit the spirit of the meeting. Our music style is deliberately blended. We sing both traditional and contemporary songs during our services. All our songs are carefully selected to complement the sermon, so we will not just pick a song because it is the most popular. The lyrics and what it says about God is the most important.


How long will the service last?

You can plan on most services at Grace Baptist to last a little over an hour. We begin at 9:30 am and are usually done by 10:45 am. Then we have coffee and fellowship and gather again at 11:15 am for community groups for another hour.


What should I wear on a Sunday morning?

Wear what makes you comfortable, while offering your best to God. Some of our folks like the opportunity to dress up a bit on Sundays, while others who wear suits and professional clothing all week, like to be more comfortable. Come as you are, and we will just be glad you are here!


What is the polity of GBC?

GBC is an elder-led church. The elders then have the responsibility to provide spiritual leadership and oversight as delegated to them by the congregation. The congregation however votes on certain issues at its business meetings.


Will someone ask me to stand up or single me out?

We will not ask visitors to stand or be recognized or singled out. We want you to relax and enjoy our Worship Service. We do have a time of greeting during the service so you may have a person or two come over and welcome you individually or introduce themselves to you.


What do I do with my children?

You will find Grace Baptist to be a family-friendly place. We have a nursery for infants to age 3. Many parents, however, feel comfortable having their children sit with them through the service as well. We encourage families to participate in worship together.  A staffed kids sermon class is usually available for pre-K and younger elementary students during the preaching time.


What version of the bible do you use?

Our pastor preaches from the New American Standard Bible. Many people in our congregation use the NASB, KJV, NIV, ESV, or NKJV. We would encourage you to use a version you understand, however we would also caution you against some of the more modern translations that are paraphrases and not as true to the original languages.


Where do I park?

We have 2 lots. The larger lot is located on the south end of our building. We have 8 spots on the north end closest to the building, that are available for those who have accessibility issues. Parking is also available on the street in front of the building.


Will someone ask me for money?

That is a fair question. We know the reputation and the perception that churches take a lot of offerings. We will take an offering in every service. It is how we pay the bills. Plus, we believe it gives us a chance to give a portion back to God as part of our worship. All we ask of you is that you consider dropping the visitor information card in the plate when it passes by so that we can know you were with us. Please do not feel like you need to put money in the plate. The offering opportunity is for our members and regular attendees.