Whether teaching on classical apologetic issues like the validity and historicity of the Bible, or the resurrection of Christ; or teaching on biblical manhood/womanhood, marriage and family, Voddie helps ordinary people think and live biblically.
The purpose of Giving An Answer is to demonstrate to an unbelieving world that Christianity is the true Faith, and that the true Faith is based on sound evidence.
My passion to speak to issues through a proper biblical worldview originated with the desire to write theologically about matters impacting the church. A blog is simply a tool, yet the message is for the glory of God. — Darrell
Whether you're a seeker, a doubting Christian, or strong Christian wanting to become better at articulating your faith, I pray that this website will be a lifeboat for you. So jump in and let's tackle the tough questions together.
In a culture polarized by race, and where conversations about race often lead to division, strife, and blame, the Center For Biblical Unity exists to lead respectful and Bible-centered conversations on race, unity, and justice.
As a former pastor, Mark Farnham understands the frustration of trying so many Come and See events with little apparent fruit. By training church members to confidently Go and Tell, apologetics strengthens the faith and witness of the entire church.
NGIM trains and mentors rising Christian leaders in knowing what they believe, why they believe, and how to apply it in their language and culture. In this way, NGIM seeks to cultivate Christ-first generations. is an evangelical, inter-denominational Christian ministry. We seek to present evidence that the Bible is true.
Are you exploring different paths that claim to lead to truth or to holistic spirituality? Or maybe you are wondering about the supernatural. If you are exploring or just mildly curious, please check out the information on this site.
Evangelical Christians have historically believed the Bible to be the Word of God. However, we're witnessing a departure from this foundational view. We are trying to raise awareness before it's too late.