Every Believer Confident: Introducing Apologetics


1 Pet. 3:15-16

What is Apologetics? Why Apologetics?

  • Apologetics is                                                  , the discipline which considers ways to commend and defend the living God to those without faith. –William Edgar
  • Apologetics is a natural part of                                                            in which                                      to the gospel are overcome by means of reason and persuasion.
  1. The starting point of apologetics is a that Jesus is the way, truth and life for every person.
  • No other belief system a person to God
  • No other object of worship is real and true
  • Every person you meet needs more than they need anything else in the world
  • One of the best ways to become an effective apologist is to know _______.
  1. Confidence comes from                         .

Being ready to give a defense means:

  • Invest                                     to learn answers
  • Have a mindset of                         to speak the truth
  • Have good reasons for you believe what you believe
  1. Treat the unbeliever with love and dignity.
  • We don’t                                                 .
  • Our goal is not to                                                 .
  • Our goal is not to show our                                                 .
  • Our goal is to                                                 .
  1. Lead an                         life so your words are backed by action.
  • A clear conscience indicates a lifestyle of ________.
  • A clear conscience prevents unbelievers from rejecting the truth because of Christian             ___.

Closing Activity:

Take five minutes and write down three or four objections to the Christian faith that you struggle to answer. Or, write down your own questions about the Christian faith that trouble you.


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